About Us

We are Paul and Olivia Leary, the owner/breeders and pack leaders of Fair Wind Shilohs.

Originally from New England, we are now located in the beautifully scenic town of Beaufort, North Carolina. The GroupWhile the kids (the human kids) were growing up we rescued a few German Shepherd mixes from local shelters.  It was after our last mixed shepherd passed over the rainbow bridge and we contemplated getting another, that our research turned us in the direction of the Shiloh Shepherd breed. However, it wasn’t until 2006 when we rescued our first Shiloh, Bella, from Pennsylvania that we knew we had found the breed we always wanted to have in our lives.

Shiloh Shepherds are wonderful family companions. These gentle loving large dogs are dedicated, loyal and wonderful additions to home and family. They love and enjoy interacting with all the members of their pack, including humans of all ages – even cats! They are highly intelligent and have wonderful temperaments. They relish affection and will bring you years of entertainment and companionship. 

We have raised Shilohs for about 10 years, and fall more in love with them every day.  We believe strongly in ethical breeding, and extensive health testing for our breeding dogs. As we produce some of these tremendous animals we look forward to sharing these dogs with you if you are a good fit for one.  If you are interested in adding a new family member, please feel free to contact us with any questions.