Madison 20 weeks

Madison 20 weeks-formerly Miss Gren

Maddie walking Maxx

Maddie taking Maxx for a walk!

miss green - Madison

Madison and her ball August 2016


Fair Winds Zephyr Madison, CGC

aka Maddie

October 5, 2015 |Golden Sable plush

sire: Mystical’s Majestic Maxx

dam: Mystical’s Dancing Heart

height/weight: 28″, 90lbs

hips: PennHip L 0.19 R 0.29, 90th percentile

elbows: OFA Normal (P/L)

heart monitor (0,0,0) 6M; and

OFA Normal SLH-CA623/22F/C-VPI

TLI 16.0, normal

DM Carrier (Embark DNA 5/21/2017)

Embark Genetic Testing 160/clear

DNA NCD66395