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Maddie and Chaba

As we previously reported the breeding of Maddie and Chaba took place over Memorial Day weekend. On June 22 the pregnancy was confirmed with an Ultrasound. The vet report that there are a lot of puppies. An xray will give us an idea of how many there are. That will be done in mid July.  A Litter due date is on or about July 25, 2020.  See the Maddie/Chaba page for future details.

We also have completed all the testing on Belle and she has passed with flying colors. We hope to breed her as well to a selected stud.

When that breeding has taken place and pregnancy has been confirmed we will update this site with the details.

Below are some photos of 8 month old puppies from Madison’s last litter which was a litter of 5 whites and 5 sables.

Apollo Creed w family

Apollo Creed with family

Apollo Creed - 8 months

Apollo Creed at 8 Months

Echo - 8 months


Aria 8 months


Auggie 8 months


Haku 8 months


Luna 8 months


Ghost 8 months


Jasper 8 months

Jasper 8 months



Jasper 8 weeks

Jasper at 8 weeks

Zephyr and Echo

Zephyr and Echo



More to follow …