Week 5 Photos

Time is flying by.

In just 3 short weeks these beauties will be going to their forever homes.

Each will be taking a piece of our hearts with them.

They continue to develop into real puppies. They bark, growl, wrestle and run. They are eating semi-solid food and using the litter box about 80% of the time. They know when we open the door to their room that we are coming in, hopefully with food and all run to greet us at the gate. Some sit patiently while others climb up our legs. None are starving but some act it.

Below are the 5 week photos with them on their new slide. Some have already climbed up the back and slid down.


Mr Lite Blue - Clover

Mr. Lite Blue – Clover

Mr Yellow-Dandelion

Mr. Yellow – Dandelion

Mr Red - Bleeding Heart

Mr. Red – Bleeding Heart

Mr Neon- Snap Dragon

Mr. Neon – Snap Dragon

Mr Black - Poppy

Mr. Black – Poppy

Mr Blue - Bluebelle

Mr. Blue – Bluebelle

Mr Aqua - Speedwell

Mr. Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Purple - Iris

Miss Purple – Iris

Miss Pink - Rose

Miss Pink – Rose

Miss Green - Moss

Miss Green – Moss