Week 3 Photos

This has been an exciting week.

We have started introducing the pups to rice cereal and all seem to think it may be equal to, or better than Mom’s milk.

Their development and weighs continue to astound us and all promise to be the beautiful dogs we had bred for.

Their teeth are coming in and they are starting to play with each other. We have introduced a litter box which some are already using.

We had a bonus this week by a visit from a friend who happens to be a professional photographer so she did the photos for us.

As you can tell the pups all reacted differently to a professional photo session.

Please enjoy them all.

Mr Yellow - Dandelion

Mr Yellow – Dandelion

Mr Red - Bleeding Heart

Mr Red – Bleeding Heart

Mr Neon - Snap Dragon

Mr Neon – Snap Dragon

Mr Lite Blue - Clover

M Lite Blue – Clover

Mr Blue - Bluebelle

Mr Blue – Bluebelle

Mr Black - Poppy

Mr Black – Poppy

Mr Aqua - Speedwell

Mr Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Purple - Iris

Miss Purpla – Iris

Miss Pink - Rose

Miss Pink – Rose

Miss Green - Moss

Miss Green – Moss