Week 1 photos

Below are the¬†one week old¬†pictures of our floral theme litter. For the most part they are doing their job of eating and sleeping, so there isn’t much to show. But they sure are cute!!!


Mr Red (Bleeding Heart)

Mr Red – Bleeding Heart

Mr Yellow (Dandelion)

Mr Yellow – Dandelion

Mr Light Blue (Clover)

Mr Light Blue – Clover

Mr Black (Poppy)

Mr Black – Poppy

Mr Neon (Snap Dragon)

Mr Neon – Snap Dragon

Mr Aqua (Speedwell)

Mr Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Purple (Iris)

Miss Purple – Iris

Miss Green (Moss)

Miss Green – Moss

Miss Pink (Rose)

Miss Pink – Rose

Mr Blue (Blue Belle)

Mr Blue – Blue Belle