Week 4 Photos


This is the theme for this week.

The puppies continue to grow. They are now eating semi-solid food and taking care of “business” in the litter box by themselves.

The wrestling has begun and occasionally they bark at each other , and us. Toys have been introduced and seem to keep them occupied.

They are only 4 weeks from leaving for their forever homes and joining a forever family. They can’t wait.

Hope you enjoy the photos below.

Mr Black - Poppy

Mr Black Poppy

Mr Blue - Blue Belle

Mr Blue – Blue Belle

Mr Lite Blue - Clover

Mr Lite Blue – Clover

Mr Red - Bleeding Heart

Mr Red- Bleeding Heart

Mr Yellow - Dandelion

Mr Yellow – Dandelion

Mr Aqua - Speedwell

Mr Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Purple - Iris

Miss Purple – Iris

Miss Pink - Rose

Miss Pink – Rose

Miss Neon - Snap Dragon

Mr Neon – Snap Dragon

Miss Green - Moss

Miss Green – Moss