Week 7 photos

This is the 7th, and last week of weekly pictures of this litter. Next week we will be introducing them to their new families and sadly, saying goodbye.

They have grown again this week and you can tell they are SHILOHS.

We let them out of the puppy room for exercise and they even go out and run up and down the front porch,

but they all follow our feet wherever we walk. They are already the velcro dogs that Shilohs are suppose to be.

They are on the way to becoming soft, cuddly, gentle giants.

They will be missed.

Hope you enjoy the photos below.

Miss Green - Moss

Miss Green – Moss

Mr. Yellow - Dandelion

Mr. Yellow – Dandelion

Mr. Red- Bleeding Heart

Mr. Red – Bleeding Heart

Mr. Blue - Bluebelle

Mr. Blue – Bluebelle

Mr. Neon - Snap Dragon

Mr. Neon – Snap Dragon

Mr. Lite Blue - Clover

Mr. Lite Blue – Clover

Mr. Black - Poppy

Mr. Black – Poppy

Mr. Aqua - Speedwell

Mr. Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Purple - Iris

Miss Purple – Iris

Miss Pink - Rose

Miss Pink – Rose