Week 6 Photos

Six weeks already!

Six weeks ago we were greeted with 10 beautiful puppies weighing anywhere from 8.5 oz. to 1 pound 2 oz.

Today they weigh anywhere from 10 pounds 15 oz. to 13 pounds 10 oz.

They are health and extremely active. They know when food is coming and all greet us at the gate.

Our theme for photos this week is playtime, because that is really what picture taking seems to be all about to them.

We’ve done our best to show you how they’ve grown, but no picture truly does them justice.


Mr. Yellow - Dandelion

Mr. Yellow – Dandelion

Mr. Red - Bleeding Heart

Mr. Red-Bleeding Heart

Mr. Blue - Bluebelle

Mr. Blue – Bluebelle

Mr. Lite Blue - Clover

Mr. Lite Blue – Clover

Mr. Black - Poppy

Mr. Black – Poppy

Mr. Aqua- Speedwell

Mr. Aqua – Speedwell

Miss Green- Moss

Miss Green – Moss

Mr. Neon - Snap Dragon

Mr. Neon – Snap Dragon

Miss Purple - IrisMiss Purple – Iris

Miss Pink - Rose

Miss Pink – Rose